Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My List Keeps Growing.

Since I am still not in New Zealand, I obviously don't have much to post on here. I am, however, constantly thinking about my time abroad and planning what I want to accomplish overseas. I had an assignment in a class last semester to create a "Bucket List:" a list of tasks you want to accomplish before you die. There is a good chance I may be able to cross some things off my list within the next 6 months, and a greater chance that I will add to it. But for now, here are 30 things I want to accomplish before I die:

1. Become a talented, experienced knitter.

2. Own my own dog

3. Go backpacking through Europe

4.  Own a manual shift red Jeep Wrangler

5. Stay in the ice hotel  

6. Learn to sail 

7. Bungee jump 
(Watch the video here)

8. Hike the entire Appalachian Trail

9. Get a tattoo and never regret it
Silver fern tattoo on my ribs
10. Live in a big city

11. Own a house with dormer windows and a balcony

12. Learn to blow glass jewelry  

13. Own an antique typewriter

14. Consistently keep a journal for at least one year

15. Attend a large music festival 
(Bonnaroo 2010, All Good 2010, 2011, Music on the Mountaintop 2008, 2010, 2011)

16. Improve my snowboarding skills to the point where I feel completely competent ( the shred the gnar)

Lake Tahoe December 2010
17. Have kids

18. Live by myself with no roommates

19. See Van Gogh’s original “Starry Night” in the museum of modern art in New York City

20. Send a postcard to PostSecret

21. Have my own blog that people actually read

22. Go on a blind date 

23. Ride in a hot air balloon 

24. Learn to sew and own my own sewing machine

25. Go fishing, catch a fish, cook it over a fire and eat it 

26. Spend New Years Eve in Times Square 

27. Paint a mural
Ecuador 2011
28. Fly first class

29. Eat sushi in Japan

30. Donate my hair to Locks-of-Love

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